20 and 2: The Purpose of my Life

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We have our reasons why we do something or don’t do it. Often these are hidden and not accessible to conscious ourselves. We simply work. Me too.

But wouldn’t it be good to know what your purpose is? A few months ago, with this premise in mind, I set out in search of the meaning of my life. I wanted to make my implicit actions explicit. I wanted to know what gets me up in the morning.

That sounds big and complicated – the purpose of life. How am I supposed to work that out? A first Internet research brought only little to light. Especially articles like «15 questions to find your purpose». Not very helpful.

After some study, I realized that I already have everything inside me. I know the purpose of my life. I carry it implicitly with me. The same is true for companies and organizations in which I am involved. I just have to find a way to see it.

In the end, three simple questions led me to my goal:

  1. 20 years: What do I do on a Tuesday at 10 a.m. in 20 years? What and who surrounds me?
  2. 2 years: Which projects and tasks in the last two years have made me happy?
  3. Which activities – small and large – do I have to do to confirm my meaning?

With these three questions, I was able to reflect on my actions and my desires and in the end it was certain for me: Menschen aufblühen / Making people flourish.

And I’m pleased about that.