What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Updated 26 November 2023 from my home in Zurich, Switzerland.


My film and video production company is growing. We are a video film production agency with a strong background in livestream broadcasting productions. We won major new projects, which are very exciting to me. Currently, we are four people. And working every day to do video production.

University of Heidelberg websites

As a freelance Product Owner, I’m responsible for the university-wide roll-out of the website-CMS of the university. For the last six years, we’ve been developing and rolling out the new CMS. In the first few years, my work was mostly focussed on the design and UX direction. Then I started to manage the development of the open-source system, and currently my job is to introduce a training and support system for 300 websites with over 1’000 content editors.

Improv theatre

Around a year ago, I started to do improv theatre, and I love it. You can find me mostly at Anundpfirsich and Improv Festivals in Europe.


Being a not-sporty person, I’m by now really into sports.

I’m obsessed with learning more about AI

Inspired by the availability of ChatGPT, my theoretical interest in AI technology, got more practical. And I’m trying many new services.

Teaching gender inclusive hospital care

For various hospitals in Switzerland and at the university of Freiburg in Germany, I’ll teach caregivers in gender inclusion.

TEDxZurich Head of Production

I’m the Head of Production of the TEDxZurich main event, which will happen in October 2024. We will have 12 speakers and 3 music acts on stage, and expect over 550 people on location. One of my focus areas is inclusion. I’m trying to make the event more accessible for all.